Radiant Jewellery Design

Animal Charms

£18 for a bracelet, £8 for a pendant.

Following prices for charm only:
Cats, Dogs, Giraffes, Rabbits: £27 each

Dad £30
Mum £30
Sitting Baby £30
Baby £25

Penguins: £30 each
Sloths: £30 each
Buddy: £30

Paw Prints:
Add £8 for bracelet or necklace
Price for charm only - Paw Prints: £25 each

These little animal families are all hand modelled and cast in silver. The details from the original model are then picked out by oxidising the whole piece and polishing it back so only the details are dark. These families are a great way to build up a charm bracelet through birthdays and Christmases.